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Dalian Haidi Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer that specializes in the development, research and production of single-column vertical lathe, double-column vertical lathe, radial drilling machine, slotting machine, boring-milling machine, machining center, customized special machine tool, and other equipment. The researched products by our company have such advantages as a great variety, complete specification, advanced technology and outstanding quality. 

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Professional development, research and production of single-column vertical lathes, double-column vertical lathes, radial drilling machines, inserting machines, gantry machining centers, boring and milling machines, machining centers, custom-made machine tools and other professional manufacturers.

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Do you understand the classification knowledge of slotting machine?
During processing, the workpiece on the worktable of the slotting machine performs longitudinal, lateral or rotational movement, and the slotting machine reciprocates up and down to cut the workpiece.
Do you know what the knowledge of slotting machine is?
Slotting machine is the vertical, horizontal or rotational movement of the workpiece on the worktable during processing, and the slotting tool performs up and down reciprocating movement to cut the workpiece.
Do you know what the operating procedures of slotting machine are?
Slotting machine is used for slotting planes, forming surfaces and keyways, etc., and can insert work objects such as molds with an inclination within 10°. It is suitable for single or small batch production enterprises. Its worktable has three different directions of feed, so after the work piece is clamped once, several surfaces are processed on this machine tool.
CNC GTC/VTC SERIES OF LARGE SCALE VERTICAL LATHE tells how to apply cross roller bearing knowledge on vertical lathes?
In vertical lathe equipment, the rotary table is one of the core structures that reflects the overall performance of the machine tool and realizes the machining accuracy of the workpiece. We require it to run at high speed and bear heavier workpieces, while having the ability to run accuracy, and the slewing bearing supporting the worktable is the key to accomplish this important mission.