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Dalian Haidi Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer that specializes in the development, research and production of single-column vertical lathe, double-column vertical lathe, radial drilling machine, slotting machine, boring-milling machine, machining center, customized special machine tool, and other equipment. The researched products by our company have such advantages as a great variety, complete specification, advanced technology and outstanding quality. 

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Professional development, research and production of single-column vertical lathes, double-column vertical lathes, radial drilling machines, inserting machines, gantry machining centers, boring and milling machines, machining centers, custom-made machine tools and other professional manufacturers.

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Slotting machine operating procedures and safety regulations
The slotting machine is actually a vertical planer, which belongs to the same type as the bull's head planer in terms of structure. The linear reciprocating movement of the plunger in the vertical direction with the ram is the main movement, and the intermittent movement of the workpiece in the longitudinal, transverse and circumferential directions is the feed movement. The production efficiency of the slotting machine is low, the surface roughness Ra of the processing surface is 6.3-1.6 microns, and the perpendicularity of the processing surface is 0.025/300 mm. The main parameter of slotting machine is the maximum slotting length.
The basic working principle of slotting machine
Slotting machine is a linear motion machine tool that uses the vertical reciprocating motion of the slotting tool to slot the keyway and the hole. The slotting machine, like the planer, also uses a single-edged tool (slotting tool) to cut the workpiece, but the planer is a horizontal layout, and the slotting machine is a vertical layout. Slotting machines have low productivity and accuracy. They are mostly used for processing inner keyways or spline holes in single or small batch production.
New measures to be taken for steady growth of foreign trade
China will roll out new measures, including cutting customs clearance time, streamlining port services and improving the export tax rebate policy, to increase opening-up and facilitate the steady grow
Chinese and European enterprises eye closer cooperation
A number of enterprises from China and Europe have reached cooperation agreements during a businessfair underway in Chengdu, capital city of Southwest China’s Sichuan province.