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Do you know how to improve the processing efficiency of cnc small-scale vertical lathe?


cnc small-scale vertical lathe is a type of CNC lathe with a small size. This type of CNC lathe is mainly used to process small-sized workpieces. It is more suitable for mass production of small-scale workpieces. It is widely used in military enterprises, electronic appliances, Machinery manufacturing, aerospace and other industries. So do you know how to improve its processing efficiency? Follow the editor to have a simple understanding!
In actual production and application, in order to improve the use efficiency of cnc small-scale vertical lathe, it is necessary to carefully analyze the parts processed by the lathe, and clarify the materials, structural characteristics and form and position tolerance requirements, roughness, heat treatment and other technologies of the parts. Claim. Then, on this basis, choose a reasonable milling process and a simple processing route.
Secondly, choosing the right tool can make cnc small-scale vertical lathe improve machining efficiency. The selection of tools should consider factors such as the processing capacity of the lathe, the content of the process, and the material of the workpiece. The tool selected for the lathe not only requires high hardness, high wear resistance, sufficient strength and toughness, high heat resistance and good manufacturability, but also requires dimensional stability and easy installation and adjustment. Therefore, new high-quality materials should be used to manufacture CNC machining tools, and the tool parameters should be optimized so that the size of the tool is compatible with the surface size and shape of the workpiece to be processed.
When machining workpieces with cnc small-scale vertical lathe, the positioning and installation of the workpieces should ensure that the design benchmarks, process benchmarks and programming calculation benchmarks are unified; try to reduce the number of clamping times, and try to process all to be processed after positioning and clamping once. Surface; avoid using the machine to manually adjust the processing plan to give full play to the effectiveness of the small CNC lathe.
In addition, a reasonable choice of cutting amount will also help improve the removal efficiency of the machining allowance. When selecting the cutting amount, if it is rough machining, generally improve productivity, but also consider economy and processing cost, and choose a larger cutting depth and feed speed.
If it is semi-finishing and finishing, the efficiency, economy and processing cost should be taken into consideration under the premise of ensuring the quality of processing; the feed rate should be set as high as possible when the tool is in idle motion. The specific value should be determined according to the lathe manual, cutting parameters manual, and combined with experience.

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