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Introduction of cnc movable column vertical lathe: What is the reason that the spindle motor of vertical lathe often burns?


CNC vertical lathe is an advanced equipment with excellent performance, wide range of processes and high production efficiency. The CNC vertical lathe plays a very important role in our actual application, but it will also encounter some problems in use, such as its spindle motor often burns. What is the reason? Let's follow the cnc movable column vertical lathe editor to have a simple understanding!
The spindle motor of CNC vertical lathe will burn out. It is usually caused by long-term overload operation of the motor, and poor heat dissipation conditions, that is, the motor is not well ventilated and overheated. To change this situation is to improve the ventilation conditions of the motor and try it for a few hours to see if the temperature of the motor is very hot. If the fault persists, then the motor can only be replaced with an appropriate increase in the power of the motor.
Reasons for the excessively high temperature of CNC vertical lathes: On the one hand, common failure forms such as abnormal damage to mechanical parts and blockage of pipes will cause the temperature of the corresponding parts to rise. On the other hand, the performance of mechanical parts is closely related to temperature. Excessive temperature will reduce the performance of the parts and even cause the parts to burn.
Before using the machine, it is necessary to carry out lubrication work, and to clean some parts, and the oil circuit should be kept unblocked. During the working process of the CNC vertical lathe, the operator cannot leave without authorization. After the work is completed, the equipment and site should be cleaned, the operating handle of the machine should be placed in neutral, and the power supply should be cut off, and the machine should be lubricated and maintained daily.
In order to enable the CNC vertical lathe equipment to be better maintained, to ensure its normal use and prolong its service life, we need the operator to implement the relevant safety operating procedures of the CNC vertical lathe during the operation.
The above is the cnc movable column vertical lathe editor's introduction: about the reason why its spindle motor often burns, I hope it can help you.

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