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CNC gtc/vtc series of large scale vertical lathe tells: What are the common problems of vertical lathes?


Do you know some common problems of vertical lathes? Let’s follow the cnc gtc/vtc series of large scale vertical lathe editor for a simple understanding!
1. Is the vertical lathe a heavy-duty lathe? How many axes does it generally have? And, in the selection of lubricating oil, which one is the main one?
Vertical lathes are heavy-duty lathes, and there is no doubt about it. In this kind of machinery and equipment, generally, there are three axes, X, Y, and Z. Among them, the X and Z axes form a plane, and the Y axis is three-dimensional. In addition, for the choice of lubricating oil, generally speaking, a relatively viscous oil should be used for its lubrication.
2. How to turn the taper on a vertical lathe?
In this case, it is not difficult if it is actually operated. Just loosen the column compression screw, and then use a wrench to pull the worm to make the column tilt to a certain angle. After that, it is to tighten the screw, in this case, the taper can be used.
3. For the CNC vertical lathe in the vertical lathe, is there any distinction between front and rear?
The CNC vertical lathe in the vertical lathe has no distinction between front and rear. And, in general, the tool post is on the right side of the spindle center to facilitate debugging and use. And, in number, there are two, one of which is a vertical tool post.
4. What are the reasons for the out-of-roundness of the inner hole in the vertical lathe?
If the inner hole of the vertical lathe is out of round, if the equipment has this problem, the specific reasons are mainly: the firmness of the workpiece clamping is not enough, some looseness, or the wall thickness of the workpiece is too small. In addition, on a vertical lathe, the gap between the turntable may be too large, or the cutter head may not be fastened properly.
In summary, the editor of cnc gtc/vtc series of large scale vertical lathe introduces some of its common problems, I hope you can learn more.

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