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CNC GTC/VTC SERIES OF LARGE SCALE VERTICAL LATHE is only used in heavy machinery manufacturing industry, mining equipment manufacturing industry, steel industry, chemical equipment manufacturing industry, power equipment manufacturing industry, railway locomotive vehicle manufacturing industry and metallurgical machinery manufacturing industry, etc. The machine tool is composed of left and right columns, top beams, and table base to withstand the load during cutting. The beam moves up and down along the column guide rails, and the beam lifting motor and worm gearbox are placed on the top beam. The beam is clamped on the upright column by a disc spring through a lever, and the operating button for the lifting and lowering of the beam is on the suspension button station.
The gearbox is fastened to the back of the workbench base. The main motor is connected to the gearbox by a flexible coupling. The gearbox is driven by a variable speed cylinder to exchange gears to achieve sixteen speed changes. The speed change switch is on the suspension button station. The workbench is directly started and braked by the main motor through the gearbox. The workbench only rotates in the forward direction, but it can be jog forward and backward to facilitate the alignment of the work. The worktable is inlaid with zinc-aluminum-copper alloy wear-resistant guide rail plates, and pressure oil (2-4kg/cm2) is passed between the guide rails to improve the bearing capacity of the guide rails. Two 3182100 type double row short cylindrical roller bearings are installed on the spindle of the worktable. The inner ring has a tapered hole to adjust the radial clearance to ensure that the spindle can work smoothly with high precision. The operating buttons for starting, braking and inching of the workbench are on the suspension button station.
CNC GTC/VTC SERIES OF LARGE SCALE VERTICAL LATHE The left and right feed boxes are installed at the two ends of the beam. The structure of the two feed boxes is the same. At the rear of the feed box is equipped with a tool holder feeding motor and There is one fast moving motor, and the working feed is changed by the change gear to realize the change of 18 kinds of feed. The joystick for changing the feed amount is in front of the feed box, and an electromagnetic clutch is installed in the feed box to select the direction of the tool post's working feed or rapid movement. The tool post movement direction selection switch and feed, and the rapid movement operation button is on the suspension button station.

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