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Do you know what the operating procedures of slotting machine are?


Slotting machine is used for slotting planes, forming surfaces and keyways, etc., and can insert work objects such as molds with an inclination within 10°. It is suitable for single or small batch production enterprises. Its worktable has three different directions of feed, so after the work piece is clamped once, several surfaces are processed on this machine tool. So do you know what its operating procedures are? Let’s take a look at it with the editor below!

1. The spanner used is consistent with the nut, and the force must be appropriate to prevent slipping and bumping.
2. The reference surface must be selected for clamping the workpiece, the pressing plate and the shim must be stable and reliable, and the pressing force must be appropriate to ensure that the workpiece does not loosen during cutting.
3. Linear motion (longitudinal and horizontal) and circular motion tables are not allowed to perform three items at the same time.
4. It is forbidden to change the ram speed during operation. The ram stroke and insertion position need to be locked after adjustment.
5. When working, the head is not allowed to extend into the stroke of the ram to observe the processing conditions. The stroke cannot exceed the machine's specifications.
6. You need to stop when changing speeds, changing tools, and tightening screws.
7. After the work is completed, the handles are placed in the vacant position, and the workbench, the machine tool and the machine surroundings should be cleaned and tidy.
8. When using a crane, the spreader needs to be firm and reliable. It is not allowed to operate or pass under the hanging objects, and it is necessary to cooperate closely with the crane operator.
9. Check and lubricate all parts before driving. Wear all protective equipment and tie up cuffs.
10. It is not allowed to blow iron filings with your mouth and clean up iron filings by hand.
The above is the editor telling the relevant knowledge of the operating procedures of the slotting machine, I hope you can learn more.

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