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Do you know what the knowledge of slotting machine is?


Slotting machine is the vertical, horizontal or rotational movement of the workpiece on the worktable during processing, and the slotting tool performs up and down reciprocating movement to cut the workpiece. So do you know what it is about its use knowledge? Let’s take a look at it with the editor below!
1. Conscientiously implement the following regulations concerning slotting machine
1. Correctly select the length of the arbor according to the processing position of the workpiece, and adjust the stroke of the plug to prevent collision.
2. When loading and unloading heavier fixtures, you need to handle them gently to prevent damage to the work surface.
3. The vertical, horizontal, and circumferential automatic feeding of the worktable is not allowed to be used in combination of the three items, and only single-item feeding is allowed.
4. Quick tool setting is not allowed during work.

Two, mechanical slotting machine
1. Before dry running test run or after adjusting the stroke of the ram (plug), use the hand to turn the flywheel to check whether the ram reciprocating motion is good and whether the ram stroke meets the requirements. After confirming that it is normal, the machine tool can be started for trial run or formal work.
2. When the ram is running, it is not allowed to adjust the stroke and speed of the ram.
3. After working, lift the plug to the head and move the rotary table to the middle position of the guide rail.
3. Hydraulic slotting machine
1. When the ram is in operation, the stroke of the ram is not allowed to be adjusted.
2. After working, put the ram plug to the lower end.
In summary, the editor tells about the use of slotting machine knowledge, I hope you can learn more.

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