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Do you understand the classification knowledge of slotting machine?


During processing, the workpiece on the worktable of the slotting machine performs longitudinal, lateral or rotational movement, and the slotting machine reciprocates up and down to cut the workpiece. So how much do you know about its classification knowledge? Let’s take a look at it with the editor below!

A linear motion machine tool that uses the vertical reciprocating motion of the slotting tool to slot the keyway and the hole. The slotting machine, like the planer, also uses a single-edged tool (slotting tool) to cut the workpiece, but the planer is a horizontal layout, which is a vertical layout. Its productivity and accuracy are low, and it is mostly used for processing inner keyways or spline holes in single or small batch production. It can also process flat, square or polygonal holes, etc. It is often replaced by milling machines or broaching machines in mass production. But when processing the keyway of the inner hole with no through hole or obstructive shoulder, the slotting machine can only be used. It mainly includes common type, keyway type, gantry type and movable type. Ordinary rams carry the tool holder along the guide rail of the column to reciprocate up and down. The worktable with the workpiece can use the up and down seat for longitudinal, lateral and rotary feed motion. The keyway type worktable is integrated with the bed. The tool bar extending upward from the bed through the workpiece hole carries the inserting knife while doing up and down reciprocating motions, while doing intermittent feeding motions. The workpiece installation is not like ordinary slotting. The machine is limited by the column, so it is mostly used to process the keyway in the hole of large parts (such as propellers, etc.).
The above is the story of the editor: I hope you can learn more about the classification knowledge of slotting machine.

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