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Do you understand the classification knowledge of vertical driling machine?


Vertical driling machine The drilling machine with the main shaft arranged vertically and the center position is fixed, referred to as vertical drill. It has two types: square column type and cylindrical type, as well as multiple variants such as row type, multi-axis coordinate and turret. Let's follow the editor to briefly understand and see what its classifications are!
1. Row type drilling machine: Generally, 2 to 6 columns and headstock are arranged on a common base. Each spindle processes different holes on the same workpiece in sequence or performs various hole processing procedures separately, which can save the time of changing tools. Used for small and medium batch production.
2. Multi-axis vertical driling machine: The multiple spindles of the machine tool can adjust the position of the axis according to the processing needs. The spindle box drives all the spindles to rotate for simultaneous processing of multiple holes for batch production.
3. Coordinate vertical driling machine: It is formed by adding a cross worktable that can move vertically and horizontally on the square column type, which can be drilled according to the coordinate size.
4. Turret vertical driling machine: Program control or digital control is often used to make the turret head with different tools automatically index, the spindle automatically changes the speed and feed, and the workpiece automatically adjusts the position to realize the automatic cycle of multi-process processing. .
In summary, the editor tells: a brief introduction to the classification knowledge of vertical driling machine, hope you can learn more through the above introduction.

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