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How much do you know about the classification and application knowledge of customized vertical driling machine?


A customized vertical driling machine is a general term for machinery and equipment that uses a tool that is harder and sharper than the target to leave cylindrical holes or holes in the target by means of rotary cutting or rotary extrusion. So how much do you know about its classification application knowledge? Let's take a look at it briefly!
The customized vertical driling machine is the main machine to complete the drilling construction. It drives the drilling tools and bits to drill deep into the formation, and uses the elevator on the drilling rig to complete auxiliary tasks such as lifting the drilling tools and casing, extracting the core, and replacing the drill bit. The main function of the pump is to deliver flushing fluid into the hole to clean the bottom of the hole, cool the drill bit and lubricate the drill tool. The purpose and construction objects of rock and soil drilling and tunneling are different, so there are many types of drilling rigs. According to the drilling method, the drilling rigs can be divided into four categories:

1. Impact type customized vertical driling machine: wire rope impact type, drill pipe impact type.
2. Rotary customized vertical driling machine: vertical shaft type--handle feed type, spiral differential feed type, hydraulic feed type drilling rig; turntable type--steel rope plus and decompression type, hydraulic cylinder plus and decompression type; Mobile gyrator-full hydraulic power head type, mechanical power head type.
3. Vibration customized vertical driling machine.
4. Compound customized vertical driling machine: a drilling rig that combines functions such as vibration, impact, rotation, static pressure, etc. in different combinations.

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