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Brief introduction of radial drilling machine


Radial drilling machine is a kind of drilling machine whose rocker arm can rotate and lift around the column, and the spindle box usually moves horizontally on the rocker arm. When machining holes on vertical drilling machine, the alignment of tool and workpiece is realized by the movement of workpiece, which is obviously very inconvenient for some large and heavy workpieces; The radial drilling machine can be aligned by moving the position of the tool axis, which brings great convenience to machining holes on large and heavy parts in single piece and small batch production.

Radial drilling machine is a kind of hole processing equipment, which can be used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping, scraping and other forms of processing. According to the classification of machine tool clamping structure, radial drilling machine can be divided into hydraulic radial drilling machine and mechanical radial drilling machine. Among all kinds of drilling machines, radial drilling machine is easy to operate, flexible, and has a wide range of application. It is typical. It is especially suitable for single piece or batch production of large parts with multiple holes. It is a common machine tool in general machining workshop.

The radial drilling machine is mainly composed of base, inner column, outer column, rocker arm, headstock and worktable.

The inner column is fixed at one end of the base, and an outer column is sheathed on the outside of the inner column, which can rotate 360 degrees around the inner column. One end of the rocker arm is a sleeve, which is sheathed on the outer column to move up and down. Because the screw rod is connected with the outer column and the lifting nut is fixed on the rocker arm, the rocker arm can not rotate around the outer column, but can only rotate around the inner column together with the outer column.

The headstock of radial drilling machine is a composite component, which is composed of main drive motor, spindle and spindle drive mechanism, feed and speed change mechanism, machine tool operating mechanism, etc. The headstock is installed on the horizontal guide rail of the rocker arm, which can be operated by hand wheel to make it move along the rocker arm on the horizontal guide rail


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