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What is the operating procedure of radial drilling machine in china?


Do you know the operating procedures of radial drilling machine in china? Let’s take a look at it with the editor below!
1. Before work, perform a comprehensive inspection of the drilling machine used and the amount of work card, and work only when it is confirmed that there is no error.
2. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves, and girls should keep their hair braids in their hats.
3. The workpiece clamping needs to be firm and reliable. When drilling small parts, use tools to hold the drill, and do not hold the drill by hand.
4. When using automatic feed, select the feed speed and adjust the stroke limit block. When manually feeding the knife, it is generally carried out in accordance with the principle of gradual pressure increase and gradual pressure reduction, so as to avoid accidents caused by excessive use.
5. When adjusting the speed, stroke, clamping tool and workpiece of the drilling machine, and when wiping the machine tool, stop and proceed.

6. When there are long iron filings around the drill bit, stop and remove it. It is forbidden to blow with the wind, use the hand, and use a brush or iron hook to remove it.
7. When finely reaming deep holes, take out the round tool and pin, do not use too much force to avoid hitting the tool with your hand.
8. It is not allowed to flip, clamp or measure the workpiece under the rotating tool. Do not touch the rotating tool with your hand.
9. When using a radial drill, no obstacles are allowed within the swivel range of the cross arm. Before working, the cross arm needs to be clamped tightly.
10. Objects are not allowed to be stored on the cross arm and workbench, and the processed parts must be clamped in accordance with regulations to prevent the displacement of the workpiece and cause serious personal injury accidents and equipment accidents.
11. At the end of the work, lower the cross arm to the lowest position, and the headstock is close to the upright column and must be clamped tightly.
In summary, it is an introduction to the knowledge of the operating procedures of the radial drilling machine in china.

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