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How to expand the scope of use of radial drilling machine in china?


The radial drilling machine in china is a drilling machine in which the rocker arm can rotate and lift around the column, and the headstock is usually moved horizontally on the rocker arm. When machining holes on a vertical drilling machine, the centering of the tool and the workpiece is realized by the movement of the workpiece, which is obviously very inconvenient for some large and heavy workpieces; while the radial drilling machine in china can use the moving tool axis The position is centered, which brings great convenience to the processing of holes on large and heavy workpieces in single and small batch production. The radial drilling machine in china can play a part of the role of lathe, milling machine and boring machine by installing some simple and easy auxiliary tools, and solve some problems in production and processing.
1. Fix the auxiliary tool for clamping the turning tool on the main shaft of the radial drilling machine in china, which can process the large hole end face of a certain part of the larger workpiece.
2. Make a device for clamping shaft parts that can be used for linear feed motion manually, and fix it on the worktable of a radial drilling machine in china, so that pin grooves can be milled on shaft workpieces.

3. When processing large holes on the workpiece, if the workpiece is large in size and complex in appearance, it is not suitable for processing on other machine tools. A boring bar can be installed in the spindle of the drilling machine and can be processed after installing a boring tool. For example, when boring on a radial drilling machine in China, the column, rocker arm, and headstock should be clamped firmly to prevent damage to the boring tool due to the swing of the spindle during processing.
4. Machining larger holes on the metal sheet or pipe arm can be cut with special tools on the radial drilling machine in china. Two cutting knives are clamped on the cutting tool, which is more balanced and stable than clamping one. The efficiency can be doubled. Before cutting, at the center of the hole to be processed on the workpiece, drill a hole with the same diameter as the supporting shaft. When cutting, the supporting shaft extends into the hole to play a supporting role.

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