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Do you know the structural characteristics of cnc single column vertical lathe machine?


cnc single column vertical  lathe machine is a kind of lathe, that is, the universal ordinary lathe in the vertical lathe series, which is suitable for the outer circle, outer cone, inner hole, inner Cone turning and drilling, reaming, boring and other processing. So how much do you know about its structural characteristics? Let’s follow the editor to understand it briefly!
1. The main gearbox adopts hydraulic variable speed; the speed of the worktable is selected by the manual rotary valve, which is realized by electric-hydraulic control.

2. Vertical tool post, hydraulic system is equipped with pressure holding device.
3. The beam clamping mechanism adopts spring clamping and hydraulic release.
4. Equipped with digital display device.
5. The main gearbox and worktable spindle support and transmission are automatically lubricated.
6. The tension of the main drive belt, the clearance of the spindle bearing, the clearance of the vertical ram nut and the clamping force of the beam are all adjustable.
7. The feed mechanism has a safety device.
In summary, the editor tells: a brief introduction to the structural characteristics of cnc single column vertical  lathe machine.

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