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The working principle of vertical driling machine!


Do you know the working principle of vertical driling machine? Let’s take a look at it with the editor below!
The power of a vertical driling machine comes from a motor, which drives the motor to rotate through electricity. Therefore, the belt pulley connected to the motor rotates accordingly, and this rotation realizes the speed change through the action of the gears with different transmission ratios on the transmission shaft. On the side of the Vertical driling machine, there is a device for adjusting the up and down movement of the rotor. By rotating it clockwise or counterclockwise, the rotor can be moved up and down. Therefore, for an object with a certain thickness, by placing it on the stage and fixing it, and then moving the rotor up and down after rotating, the drilling of the object with a certain thickness can be realized.

Vertical driling machines are widely used in drilling operations in various factories, and are mainly used to process smaller and thinner products. The product materials include wood, plastic, steel, etc., and there are many kinds. The types of processed products are diverse, covering heavy and light industries, aviation, vehicles and so on. It can be said that the vertical driling machine is closely related to our daily life, is common and widely used.
In summary, it is an introduction to the relevant knowledge about the working principle of the Vertical driling machine.

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