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Introduction of vertical driling machine: vibration problem of drilling machine!


The surface finish problem will become a problem faced by today's mechanical parts processing. One of the common causes is tremor caused by vibration during the whole process of drilling and tapping. This may result in increased costs, delayed delivery, and even loss of order information due to poor quality. In addition, vibration can cause asymmetric tool damage, resulting in poor surface finish, inconsistent geometry, and reducing the service life of the machine tool. Shaking is caused by the resonant frequency of the drill tool. It can be opened by many whole-process standards: collets, tools, fixed parts and machine tool standards. Follow the editor of the vertical driling machine to learn more about it!

Suitable tool station: The general-purpose tool station cannot show the precision or bending stiffness required for high-performance production and processing. A stronger option is the chuck, which combines an inner hole and a smooth touch to display high precision and rigidity. The chuck engages with the high-precision cut surface of the spindle bearing and contacts the smooth surface, which shows the extra rigidity required and also helps reduce vibration. The stability of all tools should be evaluated, and the process performance can be improved even at lower speeds.
The choice of cutting tools: tools will greatly harm the chatter. The elements are considered to include appropriate plates, geometric shapes, plates, and aspect ratios. Generally speaking, I prefer to use larger tools that can be accommodated, but this is not an ideal tool specification. Combining tools of different shapes is a reasonable way to reduce vibration.
Correct working method: If the parts are not fixed correctly, the parts themselves will vibrate and cause vibration. There are many excellent system software that can be used to repair your steel parts. The specifications sought include high precision, high clamping force, convenience and coordination.
The above is the introduction of the vertical driling machine editor: an introduction to the vibration problem of the drilling machine.

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