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cnc high-speed vertical lathe tells about the precautions during the operation of the vertical lathe


What should be paid attention to when operating a vertical lathe? Follow the cnc high-speed vertical lathe editor to have a simple understanding!
1. The rough surface of the workpiece is not allowed to be directly placed on the work surface, and should be supported by a shim or screw top; it is strictly forbidden to use the work surface to perform other operations such as hammering to correct the work piece, welding the work piece, and so on.
2. When aligning the workpiece, the worktable can only be rotated at a low speed for alignment, and high-speed alignment is not allowed.
3. When starting and stopping the workbench, the start and stop handle of the workbench can only be moved by hand, and pedaling is strictly prohibited.
4. When the worktable is rotating, it is not allowed to do the lifting of the beam and the rapid movement of the tool post.

5. When moving the beam, the clamping device must be released first, and the clamping device should be clamped immediately after the movement. Each time the beam is lowered, it should rise a little to eliminate the gap between the lead screw and the nut.
6. Gravity cutting processing is not allowed when the ram of the vertical tool rest and the side tool rest is extended; use the vertical tool rest for processing, especially when doing gravity cutting, the beam should be lowered as close to the work as possible Location.
7. When doing intermittent cutting, the amount of feed and table speed should be appropriately reduced.
8. The joystick needs to be pushed to the specified position when shifting. If the gear is not meshed well, it should be adjusted by fine movement after work, and forced operation is not allowed.
The above is the cnc high-speed vertical lathe editor's description: some knowledge about vertical lathes that need to be paid attention to when operating.

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