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cnc high-speed vertical lathe introduces the maintenance knowledge of vertical lathe


Vertical lathe is a kind of large-scale mechanical equipment, mainly used to process large and heavy workpieces, and it is a workpiece with a relatively large radial dimension but relatively small axial dimension, such as various discs, wheels and sets of workpieces. The end face, cylindrical face, etc. In addition, if it is used in cooperation with some additional equipment, it can be used for threading, spherical turning, profiling, milling, and grinding. So how much do you know about the maintenance of vertical lathes? The editor of cnc high-speed vertical lathe will give you a brief introduction.
1. The operator must understand the structure, function and usage of the machine to avoid damage to the machine.
2. The machine should be protected, maintained and lubricated regularly so that the machine can operate smoothly.
3. When operating a vertical lathe, the operator should abide by the operating rules and safety operating rules, and illegal operations are strictly prohibited.
4. Prevent dust, foreign objects, etc. from entering the machine, to avoid making the machine malfunction, and then damaging the components, even the machine itself.
In summary, the editor of cnc high-speed vertical lathe tells: about the maintenance of vertical lathes.

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