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cnc high-speed vertical lathe describes the operating specifications of vertical lathes


Do you know the operating specifications of vertical lathes? Follow the cnc high-speed vertical lathe editor to have a simple understanding!
1. After the operation, check whether the safety equipment and protection equipment are sensitive and easy to use, and remove the things that hinder rolling. Objects and measuring tools shall not be placed on beams or tool holders.
2. When loading and unloading workpieces and things, it is necessary to cooperate closely with the driver and loading and unloading workers.
3. The workpiece and the tool should be tightly fastened. All jacks, inclined planes, pads, etc. should be fixed and checked frequently to prevent loosening.
4. After the workpiece is not clamped, you can only adjust the workpiece by jog, and pay attention to keeping a certain distance between the human body and the rotating body. It is forbidden to adjust the machine tool and operating buttons on the rotary table. Non-operators are not allowed to approach the machine tool.
5. The wrench used must match the nut or bolt. When clamping, use proper force to prevent slippage.
6. If the shape of the workpiece exceeds the chuck, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to avoid collision with the column or beam or personal injury.
7. It is necessary to set things slowly. During active tool setting, the distance between the tool head of the vertical lathe and the workpiece is 40-60mm, that is, the machine stops, and it is necessary to move the feed manually.
8. During the cutting process, the tool is not allowed to stop after leaving the workpiece.
9. When the vertical lathe is processing the part with a lot of pain, add counterweight iron to maintain the balance of the chuck.
10. During the "standing" operation, pay attention to safety and do not stretch your body toward the rotating body.
11. It is forbidden to measure the workpiece and change the rotation speed and direction of the worktable during the cutting process.
12. It is not allowed to take things or clean up iron filings on the rotating workpiece.
13. When the workpiece is loose, the machine is working abnormally, or the feed rate is too large, the machine should be stopped and adjusted immediately.
14. For the operations of two people over large vertical vehicles, it is necessary to be clear that the main operator shall be the unified command and cooperate with each other. Non-primary operators are not allowed to order driving.
15. The machine tool must not retain people during the machining process.
The above is the introduction of the editor of cnc high-speed vertical lathe: knowledge about the operating specifications of vertical lathes.

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