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Cheapest cnc high-speed vertical lathe introduces the loading method of lathe


Do you know how to install the knife on a lathe? Follow the editor of Cheapest cnc high-speed vertical lathe to have a simple understanding!
1. The turning tool should not extend too long from the tool holder, and should extend as short as possible. Because the turning tool extends too long, the rigidity of the tool holder is relatively weakened. Under the action of the cutting force during cutting, vibration is likely to occur, which makes the surface of the workpiece unsmooth and clean. Generally, the extended length of the turning tool does not exceed 2 times the thickness of the tool bar.
2. The height of the tip of the turning tool should be aligned with the center of the workpiece. If the turning tool is installed too high or too low, it will cause the angle of the turning tool to change and affect the cutting. According to experience, when rough turning the outer circle, the turning tool can be installed slightly higher than the center of the workpiece; when finishing the outer circle, the turning tool can be installed slightly lower than the center of the workpiece, which depends on the size of the workpiece diameter. , Regardless of installation height or installation, generally cannot exceed 1% of the diameter of the workpiece.
3. The gaskets used for loading turning tools should be flat, and thick gaskets should be used as much as possible to reduce the number of pieces, generally only 2-3 pieces are used. If the number of pad blades is too large or uneven, the turning tool will vibrate and affect cutting. And make each shim directly below the knife bar, and the front end is flush with the edge of the knife seat.
4. After the turning tool is installed, the screw of the tool holder should be tightened. Generally, two screws should be tightened. When tightening, it should be tightened one by one in rotation. At the same time, it should be noted that special wrenches must be used, and casings are not allowed, so as not to damage the screws due to excessive force.
The above is the introduction by the editor of Cheapest cnc high-speed vertical lathe: the knowledge of lathe installation.

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