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Advantages and operating procedures of radial drilling machine


Radial drilling machine is a general term for machinery and equipment that uses a tool that is harder and sharper than the target to leave cylindrical holes or holes in the target through rotary cutting or rotary extrusion. There are also known as drilling rigs, punching machines, drilling machines, through-hole machines, etc. Through drilling precision parts, to achieve the expected results, drilling machines include semi-automatic drilling machines and fully automatic drilling machines, with the increase of human resource costs; most companies consider fully automatic drilling machines as their development direction .

1. Different types of radial drilling techniques
At present, there are roughly two tools used in the radial drilling machine technology. One is the "nozzle" tool, which uses a high-pressure injection process, using a high-pressure pipe string and a high-pressure pump set, and welding a nozzle on the top of the nozzle. The high-pressure nozzle, the spray gun sprays high-pressure jet into the surrounding formation while drilling, and drills a long horizontal channel in the formation. This "spout" type hydraulic piercing tool is mainly composed of three parts: the control section, the nozzle cylinder section and the punching section, and accessories such as anchors, filters, and circulation valves. The other is a rotary drilling drilling tool, which adopts a hydraulic control method and is a combined remote control operation tool. There are two sets of drilling tool combinations in the same tool housing. The first set of drilling tools is an extensible milling drill bit used to make a small hole in the casing. The second set of drilling tools is a diamond drill bit installed on an extensible flexible drill pipe, which is used to extend the casing window and drill horizontally toward the surrounding formation. The tool can complete multiple horizontal channels in one trip. It is mainly divided into a control part, a motor part, a drilling part and a milling part. The accessories are also anchors, filters and circulation valves.

2. Advantages of radial drilling machine
  1) Provide oil gas flow channels to increase oil drainage area and increase crude oil recovery.
   2) Increase the effective borehole radius, reduce the pressure difference, and prevent coning.
  3) Eliminate the risk of damage to casing and cement ring due to traditional perforation.
  4) After squeezing cement during workover, the pay zone can be reopened.
  5) The injection volume of injection wells and sewage treatment wells can be improved.
  6) It is suitable for the completion and workover of thin oil layers, as well as the completion of coalbed methane.
7) The low-density completion fluid can be used to open the pay zone in an underbalanced manner.

3. Operating rules of radial drilling machine
In order to make better use of existing mechanized equipment, improve the performance of mechanized equipment to play its optimal role. Promote the level of operation of mechanized equipment of our mine employees to a higher level, specially formulated drilling machine operating procedures.
Preparation before starting
① Check carefully whether the parts of the drilling machine are complete. ② Whether the screws are loose. ③Whether the lubricating oil meets the required position. ④Whether the control buttons are flexible and reliable. ⑤ Whether the drill pipe and bit are damaged. ⑥ Whether the supporting hole frame is broken. ⑦Whether the spray facilities are installed in place.
Normal boot
①Running the radial drilling machine idling for 1 to 2 minutes, carefully listen for abnormal noises and noises. ②Slowly drill the eyes at low speed. ③ There is no abnormality in the low-speed gear and there is no gangue in the coal seam. The drilling speed can be adjusted appropriately. If the coal seam contains gangue and the hardness of the gangue is relatively high, the low-speed gear can only be used for drilling.

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