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Processing attention points and fault solutions of radial drilling machines


Radial drilling machine is a kind of drilling machine. Drilling is the processing of drilling holes in solid metal. The machine tool used for drilling is called drilling machine or radial drilling machine. Then you know that you are using radial drilling machine Attentions? Let me explain it to you below.
1. The drill bit should be packed in a special packaging box to avoid vibration and collision.
2. When taking out the drill bit from the packing box, it should be installed in the spring chuck of the spindle or in the tool magazine of the automatic drill bit, and put it back into the packing box when it is used up.
Radial drilling machines are often called automatic drilling machines in the industry, and most of the time they are driven by a servo motor. The structure design of the drilling machine is ingenious, the principle is simple, and the layout is reasonable. It is widely used in industry and engineering circles, but how to deal with it if there is a failure.
Common failures of drilling machines are as follows:
   1. Drilling causes the center of the drill bit to crack, which is generally due to excessive feed speed and dullness of the drill bit. Once the pressure exceeds the limit value, it will cause this to happen.
  2. Broken and stopped during drilling. At this time, we need to slow down the feed speed and continue the operation after the standby machine runs smoothly.
  3. When the cutting edge breaks during drilling, it may be caused by hard spots in the material of the workpiece or too fast feed, improper selection of the drilling speed, and no cutting agent during drilling.
Of course, the failures encountered when operating the radial drilling machine are far more than the above points. This requires our operators to have a sufficient understanding of the use of the radial drilling machine and the principle of the radial drilling machine. At the same time, higher requirements are placed on drilling machine manufacturers.
  The radial drilling machine has been put into batch use in the factory. Different products only need to be replaced with the corresponding tooling and fixture, and the program can be processed, so the operation is very simple and convenient. One person can operate multiple diameters. To the drilling machine, the investment cost of such enterprises can be saved, and the power of the radial drilling machine is very high, so the full radial drilling machine is really a big savior for the enterprise. The radial drilling machine can replace the tooling according to different materials, shapes, and sizes. It is sensitive and simple to operate, with automatic detection function, and automatic alarm device. Once the drill tap is broken during processing, the machine tool will automatically stop and alarm Hint, so it is safe not to damage the workpiece, the speed of the radial drilling machine is adjustable, and the processing is more flexible.
  How to operate the radial drilling machine is actually more troublesome when processing the first product, it needs to be positioned in the middle, it is best to do the corresponding tooling, and then the first product is positioned by the tooling, and the subsequent same products are directly Loading and unloading can be processed automatically.

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