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Features:This Series machine is suitable for machining brakedisk, brake drum,hub,braking plate,flywheel,knuckle and other auto parts,also it can be used to machine all kinds of valve body,box,motor,valve,bearing and abnormalshape parts.

Vertical lathe


Specification Unit CK516 CK518 CK5110 VTZ68
Max.cutting diameter  mm 650 850 1000 800
Worktable diameter mm 600 800 900 500
Max.loading weight  T 0.25 1.2 2.5 0.5
Worktable speed range   rpm 60/100/200 5-260 0.5-250 1-500
Step range    stepless stepless stepless stepless
Main motor power  Kw 11 18.5 22 18.5
Max.cutting height mm 600 800 800 600
Vertical tool post vertical  travel mm 500 650 600 550
Vertical tool post horizontal travel mm 500 570 670 515
Tool post feed range  mm/min 0.1-1000 0.1-1000 0.1-1000 5-1000
Tool post rapid speed  mm/min 2000 2000 2000 2000
Beam lifting speed  mm/min 440 440 440 440
Tool bar section size mm 30*40 30*40 30*40 30*40
Machine weight   T 6.5 8 8.5 9.5
Dimension(L*W*H)   mm 1821*1310* 2560 2080*2621* 3535 2300*2710* 3605 2080*2621* 3630



◆This series machine is suitable for machining brakedisk,brake drum,hub,braking plate,flywheel,knuckle

and other auto parts,also it can be used to machine all kinds of valve body,box,motor,valve,bearing, and

abnormal shape parts.

◆Worktable unti-water design.

◆Equipped with SIEMENS 828D CNC control(optional,FANUC and GSK). Except CNC auto running mode,

you can also use it in manual way like conventional machine.

◆Adopt German Schneider and famous brand electric elements,independent electrical cabinet with air 

conditioner guarantee the stability and service life.

◆High grade casting from own foundry following by proper heat treatment.Hardened guideway(above 

HRC50). Perfect long lifetime and stable accuracy.

◆Auto central lubrication system with regular intervals and volume.

◆Grounded gears in the gearbox to ensure high precision,low noise and long lifetime.

◆Complete accessories and good service.Just start production immediately after setup.



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