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CK6140/CK6150 CNC horizontal lathe specification and feature 

Horizontal lathe


1.CK6140/CK6150 CNC horizontal lathe specification and feature 

Specification  Unit  CK6140 CK6150
Swing over bed  mm 400 500
Swing over cross slide  mm 180 280
Max. processing length mm 850 850
X/Z axis travel  mm X:240 Z:1050 X:300 Z:1050
Spindle transmission type    Mechanical 2 gears variable speed
Spindle speed step   Internal frequency conversion infinite
Spindle speed  rpm L:70-700 H:160-1600
Spindle nose    C6
Spindle bore  mm 52
Spindle taper    MT6
Spindle motor  kw 5.5 7.5
Chuck size  mm 200 250
Ball screw dia. and pitch    2506/4008
X/Z axis feed motor torque N.m ‘4/6 5.5/7.5
X/Z rapid traverse  m/min X:6 Z:8
X/Z axis repeatability  mm ±0.005
Processing accuracy    IT6-IT7
Workpiece surface roughness    Ra1.6
Tailstock sleeve dia.  mm 65 75
Quill traverse  mm 140 140
Quill taper    MT4 MT5
Tool post form    Electric 4 station
Cutting tool shape size  mm 20*20 25*25
Total power capacity  KVA 10 12
Machine dimension  mm 2600*1500*1650 2600*1560*1710
Net weight  kg 1800 2000



The machine could process different inner bore, circular conical surface and screw thread by numerical

control system, especially suitable for the small and middle size shaft and plate workpiece from rough

processing to finish processing in batch. It has advantages like higher automation, simply programming

and higher accuracy.


2.CK6180/CK61100 CNC horizontal lathe specification and feature 

Specification  Unit  CK6180 CK61100
Swing over bed  mm 850 1000
Swing over cross slide  mm 480 660
Max. processing length mm 1000/1500/2000 1500/3000/6000
X/Z axis travel  mm X:450 Z:1100/1600/2100 X:530 Z:650/3100/ 6100
Spindle transmission type    Mechanical 3 gears variable speed
Spindle speed step   Internal frequency conversion infinite
Spindle speed  rpm 25-850 18-600
Spindle nose    C11 C11
Spindle bore  mm 105 130
Spindle taper    Metric 120-1:20 Metric 140-1:20
Spindle motor  kw 11 15
Ball screw dia. and pitch    3205/5010(6310) 3205/6310
X/Z axis feed motor torque N.m 10/15(30) 15/22
X/Z rapid traverse  m/min ’4/5 ‘4/5
X/Z axis repeatability  mm ±0.005
Processing accuracy    IT6-IT7
Workpiece surface roughness    Ra1.6
Tailstock sleeve dia.  mm 100
Quill traverse  mm 250
Quill taper    MT6
Tool post form    Electric 4 station
Cutting tool shape size  mm 32*32 40*40
Dimension  cm 350/400/450*200*200 425/575/875*210*210 
Net weight  kg 3900/4500/5400 4900/8500/13500



This machine is suitable to process the middle and large size workpiece in steel, cast iron, non-ferrous

metal material. With the feature of big power and high rigidity, this machine is applied to heavy cut the

inner circle, ex-circle, end surface and thread in both metric and english system, and could drill and

bore the holes.



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