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Product description
Parameter Y3150 Y3180
Max. cutting module 5mm 10mm
Max. diameter of machining spur gears with external support 350mm 550m
Max. diameter of machining spur gears without external support 500mm 800mm
Max. vertical stroke length of hob 260mm 350mm
Max.distance from hob spindle to table centerline 320mm 585mm
Min.distance from hob spindle to table centerline 2.5mm 235mm
Hob can be replaced with new shaft diameter ф22/ф27/ф32mm ф22/ф27/ф32/ф40mm
Max. diameter of hob 120mm 180mm
Diameter of table hole 60mm 80mm
Hob spindle speed step 8 steps 8 steps
Hob spindle speed scope 50-275rpm 40-200rpm
Vertical feed of the hob per revolution of the workpiece 0.24-4.25mm/r 0.4-4mm/r
Main motor power 3kw 5.5kw
Main motor speed 1430rpm 1500rpm
Machine weight 2400kg 5500kg
Machine tool dimensions (L*W*H) 1825*935*1730mm 2752*1490*1870mm
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