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Features:Advance modular Design based on FEM. Integrated mechanical, electrical and hydraulic techniques, Guarantee excellent machining performance
Features:Advanced modular design. Universal product. Mature technology, Stable accuracy and reliable quality...
Features:Worktable unti-water design; Equipped with SIEMENS 828D CNC control (optional, FANUC and GSK), Except CNC auto run ning mode. you can also use it in manual way like conventional machine.
Features:Use advanced modular design, FEM analysis, integrated use of mechanical, electical and hy draulic techniques, to guarantee high precision machining performance.
Features:This Series machine is suitable for machining brakedisk, brake drum,hub,braking plate,flywheel,knuckle and other auto parts,also it can be used to machine all kinds of valve body,box,motor,valve,bearing and abnormalshape parts.
Features:V series of CNC vertical lathe has better performance in loading and clamping work pieces and is more suitable for disc parts with high machining precision and complicate shape compared with the CNC horizontal lathe.Through the deep study on machining technology of typical parts by users,the lathe can offer optimized technology to meet user's requirements accordingly.
Features:Typical structure and modular design with the features of high load capacity, high speed, high accuracy,high automation etc.
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