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Product description
Specification Unit B5032(D) B5040(D)
Max. slotting length mm 320 400
Max. dimension of workpiece(L*W) mm 600*320 620*320
Max. weight of workpiece Kg 500
Max. cutting force N 7500
Vertical adjusting distance of ram mm 315
Inclination angle of ram   0-8°
Distance from cutter head surface to facade of lathe bed mm 600
Slotting cutter size(W*H) mm 25*40
Working table diameter mm 630
Distance from working table surface to lower end of sliding rack mm 490 510
Max. Longitudinal travel of working table(auto/manual) mm 480/620
Cross traverse of working table(auto/manual) mm 480/560
Feed range of working table in longitudinal and cross direction mm 0.08-1.21
Rotary feed range of working table Deg. 0.052-0.783
Main motor power KW 4
Main motor rotation speed rpm 960
Rapid traverse motor power KW 0.75(D)
Rapid traverse motor speed rpm 910(D)
Weight of machine Kg 3500 3640
Overall dimension(L*W*H) mm 2290*1525*2285 2290*1525*2485


This machine is suitable for single-piece or small-batch production with cutting various plane, formed surface and key

way etc. The main transmission mechanism is used for converting the rotating motion of crank gear into reciprocating

motion of rain. Longitudinal cross and rotary for worktable feeding are automatically or manually.The worktable can

auto-matically stop running by the safety device in case of fault. The workingtable can index as per the work piece

requirement. The machine is accompained with an electro magnetic automatic tool holder and a tool bar. The tool

holder is used for outer slotting and the tool bar for inner slotting and for slotting the keyway.


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